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Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in Medical history

Presidents Plagued by Physical Limitations

Presidents Plagued by Physical Limitations


By drawing mostly from cited data at Dr. Zebra, a list of presidential ailments is compiled in honor of our nation’s all-too-mortal Commanders-in-Chief.

1.      George Washington: poor dentition, possibly due to mercury oxide treatments for various infectious diseases

2.      John Adams: depression; hypochondria

3.      Thomas Jefferson: recurrent, persistent headaches; chronic back pain

4.      James Madison: psychogenic epilepsy; chronic biliousness

5.      James Monroe: recurrent malaria; possible pulmonary tuberculosis

6.      John Quincy Adams: cerebrovascular disease

7.      Andrew Jackson: smallpox; malaria; heart failure

8.      Martin Van Buren: alcoholism; obesity; gout

9.      William Henry Harrison: generally healthy; died of pneumonia

10.   John Tyler: transient, generalized paralysis—possibly Guillain Barre syndrome; cerebrovascular disease (TIAs, stroke)

11.   James K. Polk: generally healthy; died of cholera

12.   Zachary Taylor: yellow fever; recurrent malaria

13.   Millard Fillmore: generally healthy (medical history as boring as his Presidency)

14.   Franklin Pierce: chronic depression; alcoholism; tuberculosis

15.   James Buchanan: blepharospasm?; alcoholism

16.   Abraham Lincoln: malaria; depression; smallpox

17.   Andrew Johnson: typhoid fever

18.   Ulysses S. Grant: alcoholism; tobacco abuse

19.   Rutherford B. Hayes: generally healthy (see Millard Fillmore)

20.   James Garfield: malaria

21.   Chester Arthur: alcoholism; Bright’s disease; hypertension

22.   Grover Cleveland: obesity; alcoholism; tobacco abuse; cancer of the jaw

23.   Benjamin Harrison: recurrent “breakdowns” or “nervous collapse”

25.   William McKinley: generally healthy; possible bout of influenza (“grippe”)

26.   Theodore Roosevelt: severe myopia; unilateral deafness; overweight (if not obese)

27.   William H. Taft: morbid obesity; gout; sleep apnea

28.   Woodrow Wilson: possible dyslexia; cerebrovascular disease

29.   Warren G. Harding: recurrent mental illness; tobacco abuse; cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

30.   Calvin Coolidge: chronic depression

31.   Herbert Hoover: cholecystitis; intestinal cancer

32.   Franklin D. Roosevelt: polio; hypertension; cerebral hemorrhage; possible melanoma

33.   Harry S. Truman: paralytic diphtheria as child; presbyopia; cardiac failure

34.   Dwight D. Eisenhower: history of tobacco abuse; Crohn disease; coronary artery disease; cerebrovascular disease

35.   John F. Kennedy: chronic back pain; possible autoimmune endocrine deficiency (hypothyroidism, Addison disease)

36.   Lyndon B. Johnson: coronary artery disease; cholecystitis and/or cholelithiasis

37.   Richard M. Nixon: venous thromboembolism; possible blepharospasm; cerebrovascular disease

38.   Gerald Ford: tobacco abuse; tongue abscess due to Actinomycetes; coronary artery disease

39.   James Carter: hemorrhoids

40.   Ronald Reagan: myopia; chronic prostate problems; colon cancer; Alzheimer disease

41.   George H. W. Bush: history of “bleeding ulcers”; atrial fibrillation; Graves disease

42.   William J. Clinton: gastroesophageal reflux disease; coronary artery disease

43.   George W. Bush: hemorrhoids; alcoholism; substance abuse; syncope; colonic polyps

44.   Barack Obama: tobacco abuse

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