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Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in Kick-Back Friday

Kick-Back Friday: #180

Kick-Back Friday: #180

Blanche_Fury_small.jpegBlanche Fury (1947): As deliciously melodramatic as the title suggests, but very thoughtfully composed by DPs Guy Green and Geoffrey Unsworth and director Marc Allegret. In fact, the look and feel of this richly saturated film implies input from “The Archers,” aka Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, and a quick check shows that Unsworth worked as a cameraman on several Powell-Pressburger projects, before rising to the status of cinematographer.

The breathtaking story, reportedly based on a real-life Victorian-era scandal, concerns the ambitions of a high-minded, parentless young woman, Blanche (Valerie Hobson), who is invited by her uncle to work as a governess for the heir of his grand estate. At odds with the estate’s owners and, initially, Blanche herself, is the estate’s hunky steward and horse lover (Stewart Granger), the illegitimate son of the home’s original owner, Simon Fury. Conflicts arise over control over the estateconflicts which erupt in all the good stuff: lust, murder, and betrayal, as well as the ultimate fulfillment of family legend (through the specter of the Furies’ Barbary ape…don’t ask).

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