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Posted by on Oct 7, 2011 in Health care, Legal, Legislation

Hah: Blog Cited as Essential Reference in NEJM

Hah: Blog Cited as Essential Reference in NEJM

This week’s NEJM provides a useful barometer article, including a neato graphic timeline, on the litigation status of [PP]ACA (“Not So FastJusisdictional Barriers to the ACA Litigation“). Thanks, Mssrs Jost and Hall.

Their salient points:

  • So far, ~30 lawsuits have been filed against the ACA.
  • A Supremes‘ decision in June 2012 is likely, given the admin’s petition for their review on September 28.
  • The jurisdictional issues generally, which are somewhat intertwined, rest on one of the following:
    • Whether Congress exceeded its constitutional authority when imposing the individual mandate to purchase insurance.
    • Whether state or individual plaintiffs have standing when challenging the ACAparticularly, in the latter case, before the “meat” of the ACA (eg, the individual mandate) goes into effect in 2014.
    • Whether grievances are sufficiently ripemeaning whether cases have been filed prematurely (before the “meat” of the ACA goes into effect in 2014).
    • Whether the fine for not purchasing insurance is a penalty or tax or something else altogether (eg, an “exaction”*) and whether the label really makes any difference (the answer: it seems to; in fact, maybe big time).

My favorite part of the article, however, is the reference for the table outlining the status of 6 ACA cases.** It is the ACA Litigation Blog (a blog!), evidently run by Santa Clara law professor Brad Joondeph. Har-dee-har-har, NEJM.

ACA = Affordable Care Act.

* Haven’t heard that one yet.
** For scorekeepers: 1, it’s constitutional; 1, it’s unconstitutional; 4, no jurisdiction; 1, decision pending.

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