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A native East Tennessean and mostly Chicagoan, Barbara Martin is a board-certified, formerly practicing neurologist who received her BS (psychology, summa cum laude) and MD from Duke University before completing her postgraduate training (internship, residency, neuromuscular fellowship) at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She has worked in academia, private practice, medical publishing, drug market research, and continuing medical education (CME). Since 2008, she has worked in a freelance capacity as a medical writer and physician consultant. She is also the author of Elixir: The American Tragedy of a Deadly DrugGet in touch with Barbara.


The blog at and (“Pathophilia”) is the blog of Barbara J. Martin, MD, and is intended primarily, but not exclusively, for physicians and similarly educated individuals who are interested in medical science, healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The entry posts and fixed content at Pathophilia should be credited to Barbara J. Martin, MD, who strives to be factual while expressing an opinion or two. These opinions should be attributed solely to Barbara J. Martin, MD, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any of her previous, current, or future employers or clientsor anybody else, for that matter.

Content at Pathophilia is constructed and edited according to the style of the American Medical Association (which accounts for the general absence of periods with abbreviations) or whatever style Barbara J. Martin, MD, thinks is most sensible at the time. All content at Pathophilia should be confirmed for its accuracy and timeliness by using reasonably authoritative sources. Corrective, constructive comments to posts are welcome. (Note: If your comments aren’t showing up, please contact me.)

The name Pathophilia is intended to denote the love of or fascination with disease and nothing more perverse.


All images, except that of Auguste Deter, from Church A, Peterson F. Nervous and Mental Diseases. Philadelphia, PA: W. B. Saunders; 1899.

Disclaimer stuff: The blog Pathophilia at and is for informational purposes only. It does not establish a consultant- or physician-client relationship and contains no medical advice what-so-darn-diddily-ever.